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Where I Can Sell Rap Beats?

January 6, 2018


You can sell your beats in many places right now. Most of them are just scam who want your money, but there is still few places to feel safe with. You need to choose wisely. Before you start selling your beats on any of listed websites below, always read their policy or ask everything you want to know. I personally use few of those websites to sell my instrumentals. There are some advantages and disadvantages of selling beats online.

Here is a list:

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How to promote as an artist, rapper, singer?

January 3, 2018
In one of my posts i wrote about proper mindset for successfull musician. You can read it here.

Ok let’s pretend that your music sounds really good, you have your rap beats, mixing & mastering engineer, someone who will help you organize shows and help you with your brand.

There is a bunch of different methods how you can promote as a rapper this days.  Read more